The typical conditions that we treat at Bodyunity include:

•  Back, neck and shoulder pain
•  Back pain during and after pregnancy
•  Nerve problems like sciatica
•  Headache and migraine
•  Muscle strains and spasms
•  Hip, knee, jaw, elbow, wrist and ankle pain
•  Joint injuries and arthritis
•  Sports-related injuries like tendonitis (tennis elbow), bursitis and ligament sprains
•  Work-related and repetitive strain injuries (RSI)
•  Postural and mobility problems


The typical session will last for 40 minutes and involve great evidenced based scientific advice along with hands on treatments including:

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage involves relatively firm, hands-on massage techniques aimed at releasing tension and adhesions in tense or shortened muscles. Tension will develop in the muscles due to stress on the body be it postural, repetitive motion, psychological or emotional. When muscles develop tension, they neurologically remain tight causing local compression of vascular, neurological and joint/biomechanical structures hampering the normal function of that tissue.

Joint manipulation

Joint manipulation involves a very small movement applied to a joint with minimum force and maximum accuracy. This often produces a ‘click’. This technique aims to decrease pain and improve the quality of movement of stiff and painful joints.



Dry needling

Dry needling is using a thin acupuncture type needle to treat a trigger point in a muscle. A trigger point is a painful point that can be felt as a nodule or band in the muscle. Dry needling is simply inserting a very fine needle into these trigger points and causing a release (a twitch response) of tension within a muscle.